A deeper understanding of aging brains is key to improving lives

Healthy Brain Initiative (HBI)

HBI is an ongoing project that is actively recruiting community-dwelling independent adults with no complaints or mild concerns about their brain health. This project aims to develop a dementia prevention initiative using a precision medicine approach with personalized tailored interventions in deeply phenotyped individuals.

Other Projects Recruiting Research Volunteers

Dementia Literacy Assessment (DELA)

DELA study is currently recruiting individuals to help test and validate a new measure of health literacy regarding Alzheimer’s disease.  …

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Dementia With Lewy Bodies Consortium (DLBC)

DLBC is currently recruiting participants with Lewy body dementia, Lewy body dementia/MCI (Mild cognitive impairment) or Parkinson’s disease dementia that will be followed over …

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Digital Detection of Dementia (D3)

D3 is currently looking for participants for early screening of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias (ADRD) in adults aged 65 …

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Identifying Factors Predicting Accurately End-of-Life in Dementia with Lewy Bodies and promoting Qua…

This study is actively recruiting subjects and caregivers willing to participate as a dyad.  The subjects should have a clinical …

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Healthy Brain Initiative (HBI)

Healthy Brain Initiative Project is funded by multiple federally funded and private grants: R01 NS101483-01A1 Reducing Disparities in Dementia and …

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Other ways to get involved in Research

Community Liaisons

Serve as a responsible representative of your community by providing information about research, active studies, and the importance of getting involved to those who may not be exposed to this information.

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Recruitment Volunteers

Reach out to communities, organizations, and specialty groups to educate about opportunities to participate in research. This may include visiting in person, dropping off recruitment flyers, and establishing contacts.

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Community Advisory Board

This may include meeting in a focus group, being interviewed, providing feedback in person or virtually to guide CCBH research topics, protocol development, and aid in future planning.

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Sponsor research by donating to the CCBH. Sponsors may be anonymous or named.

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Community Liaisons, Recruitment Volunteers, and Consultants will require CCBH orientation and training.

Lewy Body Dementia Research Center of Excellence at University of Miami

The RCOE program provides a centralized, coordinated research resource, supporting an expanded effort in conducting clinical trials related to LBD. Using a collaborative care model with neurologist, nurse practitioners, a licensed clinical social worker, psychometricians, and a physical therapist, the RCOE program helps provide cutting-edge personalized care for patients, families, and caregivers affected by neurodegenerative diseases including Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Current Grants

Through comprehensive research, clinical care, outreach, education, and training, we seek to prevent or delay the onset of these devastating diseases by 50 percent, curbing the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Here is an inventory of our current grant portfolio

Get access to our valuable resources and tools

Dr. Galvin and collaborators have created over 20 cutting-edge diagnostic tools, surveys, questionnaires, and instruments to help clinicians, researchers, patients, and families improve recognition of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

Sustain our mission to enhance lives and outcomes through brain research

You can become part of the CCBH family by supporting our research and clinical programs through gifts, grants, and endowments. This can include endowing a professorship, supporting a research fellow, contributing the purchase of research equipment, funding a pilot study, or naming rights