Active Studies

Healthy Brain Initiative (HBI)

Healthy Brain Initiative Project is funded by multiple federally funded and private grants:

  • R01 NS101483-01A1 Reducing Disparities in Dementia and VCID Outcomes in a Multicultural Rural Population
  • R01 AG071514-01 Multicultural Community Dementia Screening

HBI is an ongoing project that is actively recruiting community-dwelling independent adults with no complaints or mild concerns about their brain health. This project aims to develop a dementia prevention initiative using a precision medicine approach with personalized tailored interventions in deeply phenotyped individuals.

YYou must have a study partner (This is a person who knows you well such as a spouse, adult child, best friend who can answer questions about your memory and thinking abilities). The Study Partner can participate in-person, Zoom, or by phone. You also should be willing to do a blood draw or saliva collection, and undergo testing and imaging procedures (e.g., MRI and/or PET).


Cross sectional: Mary Lou Riccio, 

Longitudinal: Claudia Moore, 

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Adults >25 years of age (with a target population of 50 – 85). 
  • Individuals with:  NO cognitive impairment ; subjective cognitive impairment ; mild cognitive impairment  ; any cause of dementia or neurodegenerative disease at the mild stage 
  • Must have a study partner 
  • Individuals recruited should be medically eligible to undergo MRI and/or PET however, they may still participate in the longitudinal study

Exclusion Criteria   

  • DO NOT consent to have their data or specimens stored;  
  • have already been diagnosed with moderate or severe Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias; or cannot contribute clinical, cognitive, behavioral, or functional data;  
  • Significant medical illness: Any significant systemic illness or unstable medical condition occurring during source cohort participation that could affect participation in imaging or obfuscate relevant cognitive outcomes. This can include (but is not limited to):  Cancer other than non-melanoma carcinoma of the skin within the last 5 years; Primary Axis I disorder (schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder) or Axis II personality disorder  
  • Unstable diabetes or hypertension  
  • Substance abuse  
  • Individuals of childbearing potential must undergo a pregnancy test prior to participating in a PET scan. Pregnant women are excluded from participating in the PET part of the study (but can still participate in the other components of the longitudinal study)