Executive Brain Health Program

Your future is in your hands – Invest in your Brain Health

Understanding the human brain is arguably the greatest challenge of modern science. As an integral part of the body, your brain benefits from all you do to keep your body fit and healthy – exercise, adequate sleep, complex brain activities and games, eating well, and social engagement are essential elements in maintaining a sharp mind, sustaining wellness, and succeeding in our corporate and personal life. The road to brain wellness begins now. The Executive Brain Health program at CCBH addresses the whole person—body, mind and spirit—to help you optimize your performance, maximize your health, and maintain your vitality long-term. We plan for our financial future; shouldn’t we do the same for our brain health?

Why should you consider this?

  • Optimize your brain performance – stay at the top of your game
  • Notice changes associated with age – Quit worrying about losing your edge
  • Prevent problems before they occur

We are Reimaging Healthcare with a Value-based Approach Moving from a Disease Model to a Health and Wellness Model

We Spend Too Much….

  • Time talking about disease, disability, and death
  • Money in the last 90 days of life
  • Worrying about curing disease
  • Focus on “life span” – life lived long

We spend too little…

  • Time focusing on health, vitality, and capabilities
  • Money on the first 90 years of life
  • Effort preventing disease
  • Focus on “health span” – life lived well

This full-day evaluation includes physical, functional, cognitive, and psychological assessments. Backed by over 20 years of research, the Executive Brain Health takes an evidence-based, patient-centered approach, guided by the principles of precision and personalized medicine to identify problems before they cause symptoms and impact your life.

It is time for a change. Come experience the innovative approach at CCBH. Do not let your brain health stop you from enjoying all aspects of life. It is not about life lived long; it is about life lived well