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Community Participation makes our mission possible

Have you ever wondered how a new drug gets approved by the FDA? Or, how an MRI or PET scanner was developed? Are you curious how we know so much about how your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, and your liver works? This is all because of research volunteers.

A research participant is crucial to conducting clinical research and answering important questions that can advance medical science and improve the human condition. This could be in form of answering survey questions, donating a sample of blood or DNA, having an MRI, and testing a new medication. Your support is essential to finding the cure. Your legacy can be a world without Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia and Frontotemporal Degeneration and Related Disorders.

Browse below to explore our many different research opportunities and learn about other ways you can participate to advance our mission.

Other ways to get involved in Research

Community Liaisons

Serve as a responsible representative of your community by providing information about research, active studies, and the importance of getting involved to those who may not be exposed to this information.

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Recruitment Volunteers

Reach out to communities, organizations, and specialty groups to educate about opportunities to participate in research. This may include visiting in person, dropping off recruitment flyers, and establishing contacts.

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Community Advisory Board

This may include meeting in a focus group, being interviewed, providing feedback in person or virtually to guide CCBH research topics, protocol development, and aid in future planning.

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Sponsor research by donating to the CCBH. Sponsors may be anonymous or named.

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Community Liaisons, Recruitment Volunteers, and Consultants will require CCBH orientation and training.

Sustain our mission to enhance lives and outcomes through brain research

The Comprehensive Center for Brain Health has made great strides forward for patients and families in our region, and we’re ready to take leaps and bounds for our country. You can converge philanthropy with possibility to unbridle this new era of healthy aging excellence.