Integrative Nutrition for Study Participants

As the founder and program director of CCBH’s Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program, Keri Greenfield MSN, AGPCNP, NP-C is passionate about helping every one of her clients become the best version of themselves. Her expertise in both western and holistic medicine, allows her to tailor an individualized wellness program for each client. Coach Keri’s integrative nutrition approach combines nutrition, lifestyle, wellness, and mindfulness to help her clients enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. After identifying each client’s life imbalances, she guides the client towards making the rest of their life-the best of their life!

The program focuses on enhancing the following aspects of one’s life:

We can all agree that diets often fail. Coach Keri’s innovative “crowding out” and mindfulness approach to diet, has let to many successful transformations for her clients.

Physical Activity
Are you craving exercise or know that you require more exercise? Keri will explain traditional and non-traditional ways you can increase your physical exercise to look and feel your absolute best.

Stress Reduction
Stress is one of the leading causes of chronic disease. The good news is that Coach Keri can help you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is your bod’s relaxation system.

Many of us struggle with falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up refreshed. Having a clinical background in treating sleep disorders, equips Coach Keri with the skills and tools to improve your sleep.

Overall Mood
Drawing on her clinical experience, Keri’s personalized program will enable you to enhance your mental health through holistic modalities.

Coach Keri will teach you how to live in the moment so that you can create and enjoy life’s moments. She can help you to master breathing exercises, simple daily meditations and self-care techniques.

Coach Keri will teach you how to increase the love, respect, communication and intimacy in your relationships.